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Save Ramla Bay (1)
Mario Saliba, Nadur.

The natural beauty of Ramla Bay, which was named by the Times of London as one of the best beaches in Europe, is complemented by the landscape on both sides.

On the Nadur side there is Rdum il-Kbir with Mixta Cave at the top. High up on the Xaghra side lies Calypso's Cave which is believed to have housed the nymph in Homer's Odyssey.

The views from these two places, together with the iridescent blue sea and the distinctive fiery orange colour of the sandy beach, makes Ramla Bay the best and most popular beach in the Maltese islands.

All this natural splendour will be ruined by the proposed full development of the hilly slope below Calypso's Cave (PA 07902/05) which will be discussed by the Mepa board today. About 40 "dwelling units with pools" - the modern euphemism for villas - are planned.

Mepa has the sacrosanct duty to protect this landscape for future generations. Don't we have limits on land developers who don't care about the natural charm of our island? At all costs, we can't lose the loveliness of Ramla Bay.

Save Ramla Bay (2)
Frances Busuttil, Xaghra.

As a resident of Xaghra, I oppose vehemently any construction or development being proposed by application PA 07902/05 beneath Calypso Cave and overlooking Ramla Bay in Gozo. If this is given the go-ahead by Mepa today, this gem of a location, one of our best tourist spots on the island, will be ruined forever.

Furthermore, a path built by the Romans that leads from Calypso Cave to the beach will be closed to all those who have made use of it since time immemorial.

Gozo is a predominantly rural community and nothing is more precious to the Gozitans than their land. The heartbreak when we see our beautiful island being raped is palpable, and though we are not good at expressing our outrage, it is very much felt.

Can we now leave at least one bay in Malta free from construction, Ramla Bay? Future generations will be thankful to us if this is achieved.

Save Ramla Bay (3)
Lawrence Camilleri, Xaghra.

PA 7902/05 says "Demolition of existing commercial complex". It should read "Demolition of Ramla Bay, the most beautiful part of the Maltese islands".

Unfortunately the locals, especially Nadur and Xaghra residents do not really know what is in store for Ramla, that the scenery around the legendary Calypso Cave would be lost for ever, that the cave itself would be in danger of collapse, that the clear waters of Ramla Bay would be polluted.

The application should have been refused in the first instance for all imaginable environmental and legal reasons. When the word environment was unknown, applications by the previous owners to develop part of the area were always refused and that led them to sell off the land.

Quite a few emigrants who originate from Xaghra have said that if the development goes ahead, "that would be the end of our annual visits to Gozo".

Wake up Gozo, wake up Malta. Show your disapproval. Where is Gaia Foundation, the guardians of Ramla; where is Wirt Ghawdex and all the rest? Mepa members, stop the nonsense, honour your responsibilities and commitment to the whole nation.
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