Press Release - Wirt Ghawdex
Wirt Ghawdex, the Gozo Heritage Society, joins other N.G.O.'s in condemning the manner in which permits for development in such sensitive areas as Ramla Bay in Gozo are being issued. Past mistakes should not have been aggravated by extending the foot-print of the new development beyond the area already disturbed in an otherwise pristine bay. It is incomprehensible how an Environment Impact Assessment was deemed unnecessary for a site of such natural and ecological beauty. The deplorable fact that the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage was completely ignored, when it is common knowledge that the area is replete with archeological remains, highlights the urgent need for amendments to the Cultural Heritage Act to make this national watchdog of our country's patrimony much more effective.

Executive Secretary
Wirt Ghawdex
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10 Jun 2007 by