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Ramla Bay development (1)
Alexander George Farrugia, Xaghra.

We should all stand up, turn around, face each other, and give ourselves a congratulating handshake, for we finally did it!

We managed, through Mepa's decision, to give consent to the building of villas (bet we hold the world record for villas per square kilometre), on the Xaghra side of Ramla beach, arguably the most beautiful and best preserved sandy beach these islands have.

If that were not enough, this project will ruin the unobstructed (and pristine) view of Ramla beach and the gorgeous Ramla Valley one can enjoy from Calypso's Cave, a site very popular with tourists visiting Gozo. The investors should not be blamed for trying to make a lucrative deal by building villas and selling them. Rather, Mepa is to blame for issuing such a permit on so sensitive a site.

Perhaps that is the way to brand Malta: Welcome to the built-up heart of the Mediterranean!

But then, as Albert Einstein is quoted as saying: "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

Ramla Bay development (2)
Fiona Keeling, Gharb.

Now tourists will be guided to Calypso's Cave, where the legendary nymph seduced Ulysses, to... a building site!

The constant dust, mess and chaos created by the endless developments is a complete deterrant to tourists - a far more serious problem than the island's lack of airport or golf course facilities.

The tourist industry should do more to oppose the environmental destruction of these beautiful islands but once again the profit of the few will take priority over the economic needs of the entire island.

Prosit Mepa!
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12 Jun 2007 by Saveramla.com