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Malta Labour Party environment and heritage spokesman Roderick Galdes said that decisions being taken by the government showed that it was rudderless, even in sensitive sectors such as the environment.

He was referring to the green light given by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority to development at Ramla l-Hamra in Gozo which, he said, unveiled the deceptive mask the Nationalist Party wore.

The go ahead to the development, he said, was another decision that laid bare the government’s true colours about the environment. It was another example of the inconsistency of the government and Mepa where environmental sustainability was concerned.

The area where the development was to take place, Mr Galdes said, was characterised by uniquely beautiful views and had a scheduled zone because of Roman remains, and another which was considerably important ecologically. The development would take place very close to them.

He said no environmental impact assessment had been held, which meant that a proper public consultation process had not been carried out. It had been obvious that the government looked favourably on the development, and this was clear from the way the final decision had been taken by the Mepa board – 10 votes in favour, with only one against, that of the Labour Opposition.

Mr Galdes expressed support for the stand taken by environmental bodies and Xaghra local council.
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12 Jun 2007 by Saveramla.com