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Following the request by Flimkien ghall-Ambjent Ahjar (FAA) to be given access to the Mepa file on Ramla l-Hamra on Tuesday, Mepa yesterday issued a press release stating that the facts on the bay’s development have been freely available since 2005.

Mepa said that journalists have already had the opportunity to view these documents and they are still available for public scrutiny. Had the FAA requested to see these documents, as it requested to view the plans, the request would have been acceded to. Members of the planning directorate met with members of the FAA the day before the hearing, to service their request to view the plans. However, no interest was shown at the time by FAA to view the PDS, Mepa said.

The authority said that the FAA quotes the archaeologists who submitted the report as part of the Project Description Statement. They state that it was a preliminary report not prepared or meant to be adequate for environment assessment purposes but presented by the developers as an in-depth study and accepted as such by Mepa. To quote the executive summary of the archaeologist’s report, the archaeological studies were based on “extensive field surveys and archival research” and “found no archaeological features in the area to be developed close to Calypso Cave.”

With regard to the reference made by FAA on applying the provisions of withdrawal of permit (Article 39A), Mepa would like to advise them again that there is a procedure to be followed in such circumstances. This was pointed out during the Mepa Board sitting. Such a procedure would require the submission of proof to substantiate the request, Mepa said.
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14 Jun 2007 by Saveramla.com