Mepa boycott ‘unacceptable’ – Curia -
The Environment Commission of the Maltese Archdiocese yesterday said it was unacceptable for the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (Mepa) to declare a boycott against individuals or organisations.

The commission referred to the recent public discussion between Mepa and Flimkien Ghal Ambjent Ahjar (FAA) in relation to the Mepa go-ahead to development at Ramla l-Hamra in Gozo, in which Mepa is threatening to boycott the FAA.

“The public’s contribution is essential to ensure that sustainable development for the common good takes place. While Mepa has every right to request that all criticism is substantiated, it is unacceptable to start a boycott against any organisation or individual,” it said. It was understandable that criticism directed towards public officials should be corroborated but “the commission cannot understand Mepa’s reaction – as was reported in the media and on their website,” it added.

It was the citizen’s right to participate in the public consultation process in a responsible way without any form of sanctions, said the commission, pointing out that Mepa was one of the first organisations that promoted public consultation – especially where the environment was concerned.

“For this reason, the commission cannot understand, and will not accept, Mepa’s change in attitude towards those who criticise it,” said the commission.

The authority had legal ways of protecting itself against criticism that it considered to be libellous.

The commission appealed to all parties involved to seek dialogue instead of confrontation. It pointed out that it had no say over the Ramla l-Hamra project because the land in question was situated in Gozo, and the commission’s responsibility was specifically related to the Maltese Archdiocese.
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