No further development (letters) -
Lino Busuttil, Iklin.

"To justify the extension of the development boundaries carried out in 2006, the Minister for the Environment had stated that no further development would be allowed outside the boundaries. This permit flies in the face of this undertaking and bodes very badly for the protection of the remaining countryside," Din l-Art Helwa was quoted as saying on Ramla l-Hamra (June 8).

Doesn't this proves the empty words by the Ministry and his aides in defence of the extension of development boundaries? Is this proof that it was morally and technically wrong? Didn't we have enough area already within the existing zones? Was it some sinister pressures outside the professional terms of reference of Mepa itself? How many original individual owners who had property in between buildings had been actually heard in spite of using them as a convenient excuse? Will we see later, after all the next election dust has settled, well-known people getting brazenly wealthy from raping the land in question? Will we suffer further threats to our heritage and nature outside this area even then, because people around those in power may have other things in mind?

In spite of the gimmicky pre-election Ix-Xaghra il-Hamra end-of-term wrapping, the bad example has been set form the very authorities in power and there is no turning back without due pain. A strong front should be set up to reverse the damage. I for one have taken the issue to court together with those who cared to join. With the help of Alternattiva Demokratika who offered its legal assistance we will challenge the government in court in a case hopefully starting to be heard soon.
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14 Jun 2007 by