Permit or no permit (letters) -
Frank Theuma, Nadur.

Our decision makers still don't get it, do they? It is beside the point if the permit granted for the Ramla l-Hamra development is above board or not; the point is that we are going to destroy more of our precious countryside. It is even more terrifying if such destruction can be carried out with the approval of the law. If we have laws that make this possible I think that it is high time that we do away with them.

Nikki Camilleri, Msida.

It was with great dismay and sadness that I read the news on Saturday morning in which Mepa gave the go-ahead for the development at Ramla l-Hamra. We really never learn, do we?

I urge all those with enough intelligence to see that this deplorable development is tantamount to the destruction of a vital part of one of our most important cultural and natural heritage sites, to make their voice heard now.

Apathy has already allowed us to destroy much of the beauty this island had to offer. The time for serious civil action has begun.

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14 Jun 2007 by