Seeing red over Ramla l-Hamra (letters) -
Stephan Strijbosch, Swieqi.

After Mepa ruins the Ramla Bay area, can they please do the same with Blue Lagoon?

I really cannot wait to see urban development along some of Malta's most picturesque nature sites.

After all, we have loads of acres to spare, don't we?

Please do not stop at Blue Lagoon though, think about Dingli Cliffs, Ghajn Tuffieha and why not a nice set of apartments facing the Azure Window?

Keep up the good work Mepa.

Victor D. Apap, Florida, US.

The person in charge of running Mepa should be fired immediately.

Each year I make time to travel to Malta with my wife, in-laws and grand children and spend a couple of months in Gozo. However, if some contractor is going to come in and destroy my favourite beach then I'll spend my money in Hawaii

Charles Sammut, New York, US.

Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that Mepa should be abolished? Issuing a permit allowing construction for new residences overlooking Ramla Bay is not only a disgrace but also makes me wonder what the "E" in Mepa stands for.

Obviously this very important agency does not have the protection of the environment at heart. Rather the interests of the land developers. How one can grant a permit, so close to a beach that is so popular with tourists and locals alike, is unconceivable.

Besides, does anyone know that the foundation there is shifting clay and the safety of any building structures at that site has to be questioned? It is the villages under whose jurisdiction any projected new building sites fall that should have the final say over whether to grant a building permit or not. Leaving it to Mepa is definitely not the way to go because past rulings have shown that they have no regard for preserving the national heritage of our small islands.

Years ago there were designated Green Areas where construction of buildings was prohibited. Now if an area within a hundred yards of a beach is not considered a Green Area then it is really a black day for those Maltese that have the preservation of these beautiful islands at heart.

Clair Galea, Toronto, Canada.

I am a Maltese citizen who currently resides in Toronto. I have been told that a developer has been given clearance to build some 23 villas atop of the cliff above Ramla Bay where the old Ulysses hotel currently stands. I am outraged.

In an era where conserving our environmental treasures is at the forefront of every newspaper and is highlighted in every televised newscast it seems completely idiotic to be allowing this development to take place.

This development will taint the area. There is no question. One of Malta's most important features are its beaches. And nobody will deny that Ramla Bay is one of the best beaches in our country. People from around the world come to visit this beautiful place. Besides the tourists, Ramla Bay is a place that the Maltese people themselves enjoy and love. If the beaches of our country become polluted and ruined, people will no longer visit and the citizens of Malta will in turn suffer.

People of Malta, stand up and defend your country, before there is nothing left to defend. Please, do not allow this development to take place. The board of Mepa has been established for a reason. Ask them to do their job correctly and consider what is in the best interest of the country they represent.

Save Ramla Bay. Please.
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