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June 18, 2007
Present view (left) and permitted development with landscaping

I refer to the letters recently published regarding the permit granted to re-develop Ulysses Lodge. The following points need to be made.

It has been stated in the press that the proposed development is much larger than what actually exists. This is not true.

The development will only take up the part of the site which has been disturbed by human intervention with the exception of some swimming pools. This amounts to about 8,000 square metres from a total of 40,000 square metres. The terraced fields and unspoilt land will not be touched. Ramla Bay is not affected by this development and neither are the remains in the bay or the ecological zoning. Not only. The re-development will be much lower in height and therefore considerably less intrusive than the bulky eyesore there is at present. The re-development will also be completely landscaped and integrated within the surrounding countryside. The photomontage above shows this. For the record, each tree shown in the picture can be verified, both in location and in species, in the approved plans showing the planting.

In brief: no more of our precious countryside will be destroyed.

Sylvana Debono, Public Relations Officer, Mepa, Floriana.
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