NGOs call for permit to be revoked -
Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Din l-Art Helwa and Gaia Foundation have questioned Mepa's decision to issue a permit to redevelop Ulysses Lodge in Ramla Bay, and called for its revocation.

On May 6, the Mepa board granted a permit for the construction of 23 self-catering units, garages and swimming pools on 8,000 square metres of land around the existing complex known as Ulysses Lodge.

The NGOs said that the permit granted to Ulysses Lodge in 1973 only allowed a development of around 2,600 square metres.

The terraced car parks and storage areas surrounding the site, together with the built-up road leading to these car parks and storage areas, which together comprise around 2,300 square metres, do not appear to be covered by a permit, nor were they ever regularised.

Without a permit, these constructions, which Mepa is describing as "disturbed land", are illegal, the NGOs claimed.

They said that the existing planning laws do not allow the redevelopment of illegal construction outside the development zone.

Illegal developments which are not sanctioned should be demolished and the site reinstated.

In view of this, the Ulysses Lodge permit should be revoked as it should never have been granted in the first place, the NGOs insisted.

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