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Sylvana DeBono, public relations officer, Mepa, Floriana.
Tuesday, June 26, 2007

1. Will the proposed development at Ramla l-Hamra go beyond the footprint of the built-up area?

No, the site to be redeveloped is the disturbed footprint. Outside this, as permitted in the Structure Plan, there will be some swimming pools which will take up about 500 square metres of land.

2. Will the bay be affected by the development?

No. The development will take place where development already exists.

3. Were there objections in the outline application which was decided two years ago?

No objections were filed then.

4. Were there objections in the full development application which was decided two weeks ago?

Yes. The expiry date for the objections was February 19, 2006. These were filed by Gaia Foundation (sent on time), Kumitat Regjonali Alternattiva Demokratika Ghawdex (sent on time), two residents from Xaghra (sent on time), Din l-Art Helwa (sent on April 3, 2006 and received on April 7, 2006).

5. Where can one find details of the objections?

The case officer's report carries details of the objections and is available on www.mepa.org.mt and searching on Mapserver for applications PA 5138/02 (outline), PA 7902/05 (full development).

6. Are the photomontages a trickery?

No. Each tree, both in species and in location can be verified in the approved plans. This is the final product that Mepa has permitted and the final product that it will see constructed.

7. Are swimming pools allowed Outside Development Zones?

Yes. Circular to Architects 1/00 notified architects that the policy regarding swimming pools outside development zones was approved by the authority and endorsed by the minister in January 2000.

8. How is a permit decided?

According to planning laws and guidelines. For Malta they include the Development Planning Act, the Structure Plan, the Local Plans, the EIA regulations, Policy and Design Guidance and any relevant legislation according to the case.
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