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Norman Abela, Freiburg, Germany.
Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The recent events regarding the Ramla il-Hamra complex brings back nasty memories of Mepa when I had asked for approval to create an Institute for Alternative Energy at Mistra Heights (Application Number 03905/03, July 14, 2003). My story was so different then. Mepa tried to find all sorts of excuses to block my application.

They said it was outside development zone when in fact the building already existed even though dilapidated. I was asking to rebuild and preserve it using the same footprint while making good use of it for research and educational purposes. They then said that the place was historic yet the museum's department did not even bother to issue a report when asked to do so through official letters. They next said that this derelict building was part of Fort Campbell yet the North Plan for Malta, issued just a few months before had excluded this building from Fort Campbell. All these lame excuses, even though validly rebutted, were still enough to halt the project and put a stop to foreign funding, investment, research facilities and training courses on renewable energy.

Yet what a contradiction with Ramla il-Hamra. Now it seems that Mepa is putting all its efforts to convince us that the development is not ODZ. Changes outside the footprint are only "minor", and the site is not of archaeological importance even though there is Calypso Cave above the site and a Roman Villa right beneath the development site. The people who are sitting on the board to defend our environment now use taxpayers' money to publish adverts, like the one I have just read by the communications office at Mepa on the internet (, to convince us that this is what we all want. Weak with the strong and strong with the weak... no doubt about that.
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