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Professor E.A. Mallia, Attard.

As Alan Deidun's English is not up to the standard of his 'whistle blowing', I am not sure if I have caught all the insinuations he may have wanted to pack into the 'Hidden Agendas' section of the Green Whistleblower (The Sunday Times, June 10). His second-hand "pearls of wisdom" from the Angel Gabriel, for instance, sound like a vague, non-divisive threat from some accountant to audit the books of some "myriad" class NGO.

The only hidden agendas Dr Deidun seems familiar with are his own - those of someone from one of the "myriad local NGOs" must be below his horizon. So much so that he never "uncannily", unwittingly one should say, undermines the environmental movement.

When he does that - vide his letters in The Sunday Times a couple of months ago, blasting one of those myriad NGOs - he has all his wits about him. Clearly his "bottom line" is meant for lesser mortals; he certainly does not "exempt (himself) from penning articles on behalf of others, with the conceited intention of harvesting ... mileage".

As I wrote somewhere else, the point at issue was and is, not who manages what, but who had information about what and kept it from the "myriad" local NGOs, including the third NGO now in the management team, incidentally. But Dr Deidun is fixated on the management - he insists on explaining away the absence of BirdLife (a case of penning articles on behalf of others, perhaps?); a simple matter of information does not concern him. Neither does being a party to a charade obviously intended to pull the wool over our eyes until the final grand revelation.

Dr Deidun is much more concerned about what he calls the dichotomy of politics and the environment, whatever that means. Not that I have much idea where "politics" and "political scheming exercises" came into anything I wrote; but there was plenty of "politics" in Dr Gonzi's press conference.

In any case, as politics and environment are very human activities, it is difficult to see how Dr Deidun's "dichotomy" can function, unless, of course, we become a nation of schizophrenics mouthing "monologues".

Now what Dr Deidun calls "the three NGOs handpicked for the job" have an excellent opportunity to show that "they were not placated in any way by this added responsibility". Moving beyond "the Ta' Cenc and Hondoq projects", both as yet in the future, there is the Ramla l-Hamra development.

How about resigning from the National Park board in protest as the acid test of what Dr Deidun calls vehement opposition? Lest we forget, there are government and MEPA people on the board.
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01 Jul 2007 by Saveramla.com