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Joseph Farrugia, Qala.
Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tourism could be said to be one of the main pillars supporting our small yet exclusive island and to attest to this fact are the many tourists who come to enjoy Gozo's serene and tranquil environment while basking in one of its many attractions, some of which include its beaches and unique landscape.

That is why I am sure that the negative light in which the Ulysses Lodge development is being cast is an exaggeration. No speculator in his right mind would build something that would only make tourists detest the island and avoid it altogether!

To whom would they rent the 23 self-catering units being proposed if what is being said is true?

Who would want to holiday in a modern yet unsightly place such as that? My belief is that this mini-hotel - it is to house around 138 beds - would bring a substantial number of high-class tourists to our shores and in turn actually benefit the tourism sector in Gozo.

Having said that, we're always hearing others harp about how the concept of sustainability is not necessarily based on a conflict of interests between economy and environment. Well, if the land is to be developed and landscaped, I am sure that the area, besides being enhanced, will also bring in revenue to the island and its inhabitants.
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04 Jul 2007 by Saveramla.com