Virgin land not included in Ramla development (letters) -
Sylvana DeBono, public relations officer, Mepa, Floriana.

I refer to the letter sent by Petra Bianchi and Rudolf Ragonesi on the re-development of the former Ulysses Lodge (July 2). The submissions were made on behalf of Din l-Art Helwa and Gaia Foundation.

As has already been pointed out, the development of car parks and road structures did not require a permit under the planning regime effective in the 1970s and 1980s. These were then considered ancillary structures and up to the developer to construct. So much so that roads such as the Marsascala bypass, for example, while certainly a development and a road, did not require a permit. With the changes brought about by the Structure Plan and the setting up of the Planning Authority this regime changed. The committed land, as has been repeatedly said, is made up of the disturbed footprint, and certainly does not include the virgin land as the letter is trying to imply.

If DLH and Gaia disagree with these statements, they will have ample room for debate once they lodge an appeal in front of the Planning Appeals Board, as they have shown their intention of doing.

Once again, Mepa would like to correct the following inaccuracies which keep on being perpetuated as truth.

There will be no development on Ramla Bay. The site to be redeveloped is the former Ulysses lodge.

The permits were issued according to the laws governing Mepa. So far, in spite of allegations of irregularities, no proof has been brought forward that the authority did not abide by the law.

The photomontages are accurate and verified with the plans. The landscaping was required to ensure that the re-development was considerably less intrusive than the present development.
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