PRESS RELEASE - Revocation of outline permit for development of villas in Ramla Bay, Gozo
A detailed report was submitted to the Malta Environment and Planning Authority, MEPA, earlier on last week requesting the withdrawal of outline planning permit for the development of villas instead of Ulysses Lodge at Ramla Bay, Gozo. The report was prepared by environment planning consultant Perit Lino Bianco on behalf of Carmen Bajada, a resident and local councilor in Xaghra Local Council.

Perit Lino Bianco had submitted substantial proof to MEPA that the planning application subject to which the outline permit was issued contained information that is “false, misleading or incorrect” in terms of Article 39A of the Development Planning Act, which information had material bearing on the issue of the planning permit. On the site, there are a number of applications and permits which were not declared in the planning application, nor consulted by MEPA during the planning process, which applications and permits were known to exist on site by the architectural practice submitting the application as the same office was involved in all past applications and permits. Also, Perit Bianco submitted proof that half the area for the proposed complex of dwelling units, declared as “developed and disturbed land”, is not covered by a development permit.

In the report, Perit Bianco officially requested MEPA to annul the outline planning permit issued at Ramla, rendering full development planning permit for same development proposal as null and void.
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26 Jul 2007 by