PRESS RELEASE - Permit to develop villas on a public road at Ramla Bay, Gozo
Simultaneously with the detailed report submitted by Perit Lino Bianco to the Malta Environment and Planning Authority, MEPA, earlier on last week requesting the revocation of outline planning permit for the development of villas instead of Ulysses Lodge at Ramla Bay, Gozo, another report was submitted by the same Perit Bianco with respect to the full permit.

The report with respect to the full permit states that MEPA had effectively granted the erection of villas on a public right of way, property which was declared to be in the ownership of the applicant. The report includes proof that the property is public and includes a copy of the application of the Lands Department to register government property in the area. From this application it transpires that villas will be erected in the middle of the public road. In the report, Perit Bianco informed the Chairman of MEPA that if he were to send the permit to the applicant, MEPA will be “held criminally responsible for granting consent to a pretended right by a private party, which pretended right interferes with the public enjoyment of an official right of way”.

Perit Bianco had forwarded a copy of the report to the Lands Department and the Commissioner of Police.
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28 Jul 2007 by