Press Release : The case of the development of villas at Ramla Bay, Gozo: A declared misdeed
It has been over a fortnight since two reports were filed to revoke and annul both the outline permit and the full permit issued by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA). To date, no statement was issued by MEPA on the said reports. These permits concern the development of villas at a site overlooking Ramla Bay.

Environment planning consultant and architect Lino Bianco was requested by the Save Ramla Committee led by Ms Carmen Bajada, a resident and Xaghra local councillor, to investigate both the outline and full permits and submit his findings to MEPA. Over a fortnight ago, Architect Bianco filed two technical reports requesting MEPA to revoke the outline permit and not to send the full permit to the applicant.

Both reports include evidence beyond reasonable doubt that the outline permit was issued for an application which included information that was “false, misleading or incorrect” and that the full permit, without MEPA being aware, was issued for the construction of villas on a public road.

At the moment, following the last of the above-mentioned two reports whereby Architect Bianco informed the Chairman of MEPA that if he were to send the permit to the applicant, MEPA would be “held criminally responsible for granting consent to a pretended right by a private party, which pretended right interferes with the public enjoyment of an official right of way”, the Save Ramla Committee is aware that the full permit, though printed, was not sent by MEPA to the applicant. Thus, no works can commence on site.

To date, no press statement has been issued by MEPA. The Save Ramla Committee will be making available later on in the week both technical reports of Architect Bianco on its website
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