Labour pledges to stop building of villas at Ramla l-Hamra -
Sunday, August 5, 2007

A new Labour government would be doing everything in its power, within legal limits, to block the proposed controversial building of villas at Ramla l-Hamra in Gozo, party leader Alfred Sant pledged yesterday.

Speaking at a spot overlooking Ramla l-Hamra, Dr Sant said the Labour Party is against what he described as a speculative project in one of Malta's most beautiful and heritage-rich areas.

Dr Sant's statements came in the wake of a report, drawn up by Architect Lino Bianco on behalf of the Save Ramla committee, in which he calls for the revocation of the project's permit.

The report, which was submitted to the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA) almost three weeks ago, says that the authority effectively gave permission for the destruction of villas on a public right of way, a property that was declared to belong to the applicant.

This document, together with another report drawn up by Mr Bianco, has now been published on its Website,, the Save Ramla committee announced yesterday.

According to Carmen Bajada, a Xaghra councillor, these reports include proof that the outline permit was issued on "false, misleading or incorrect" information and for this reason should be revoked.

MEPA so far acknowledged the report, saying that it was currently assessing the request for the permit's revocation in terms of Article 39 (a) of the Development Planning Act.

On this point, the Save Ramla committee pointed out that, following the submission of reports, MEPA did not send the developer the full permit, which effectively means that no construction works can start.

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