One down, two to go (letters) -
Charles Sammut, New York, US.
Mon, Oct 15, 2007

So now it looks like Mepa has weaseled itself out of an unpopular decision regarding Ramla l-Hamra and revoked the permit for the building of the 23 villas. It is commendable that the insanity has been stopped at least for the time being and the environmental disaster that might have become the ruination of this magnificent venue as we know it has been averted.

And hopefully it will go one step further now and tear down Ulysses Lodge - and do something positive for a change.

While being sensitive to pressure from groups like AD Gozo and others I hope Mepa rules quickly against the proposed projects at Hondoq and Ta' Cenc. Both are environmental nightmares and anybody that is entrusted with preserving the environment should not hesitate to turn down applications for the development of these two sites.

Need anyone say more regarding Hondoq? This enchanting place with its pristine bay and magnificent natural beauty should not be tampered with. Fixing up the old quarry should be a consideration but nothing more. Why this should be a difficult decision to make tells me that Mepa has its own agenda and it only bows down when the pressure from the public is overwhelming.

Hopefully in the near future, Mepa will stop being a menace to the environment and stop being a tool of the developers who are only interested in monetary gains and everything else be damned.
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