From this website an appeal is being made to the authorities in order to bring back to light any remains of the Roman Villa found at Ramla and preserve them to be admired by current and future generations.
romans1.jpg The waterduct discovered on site in 1910.
romans2.jpg Statue of a Telamon, represented as a young, nude satyr. It was "lost" while the excavations were still on-going.
romans3.jpg The cold bath, known as the "frigidarium".
romans4.jpg Decorated floor in room 13 of the Roman Villa.
romans5.jpg Room 13. The pedestals for benches can be seen along the wall.
romans6.jpg Room 14. The floor was heated by a system under the floor.
romans7.jpg Decorated floor in Room 13. Probably served as a changing room.
romans8.jpg Excavation in progress in 1910. The waterduct discovered on site is clearly visible.
romans9.jpg Crowd gathering to view the excavations in 1910.
romans10.jpg Overhead view of Ramla Bay early in the 20th century.